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The nicest, most capable medical aesthetician and the best pricing in the area. I've had several full face & neck procedures. One IPL included Levulan, and although I had a few days of downtime I was delighted with the reduction in actinic keratosis and sebaceous hyperplasia that my derm had been using topicals on. I've also tried one treatment of Aluma, the new RF treatment for skin laxity and wrinkles. The verdict is still out on that procedure, but I'm going in tomorrow for a second one and will report. The spa is centrally located in Gainey Ranch area near Wally's . Highly recommended! 

I did benefit of $20 off, (ask about the coupon), I already bought my mom a spa package.

  Skin Care Provider Review: Corina Banick

                                                                  Price (paid by reviewer) $ 600 for 4 IPL procedures

 Treatment: Facial/Salon Rating:Excellent by Margo

  Carmen highly knowledgeable in her field and a great practitioner. I was very pleased with the treatment and could not find any drawbacks 

I have gone to Carmen for several treatments and am highly satisfied with the results. I have had a facial, a back facial and two microcurrent treatments. Each time I left feeling extremely relaxed and thrilled with the improvement in my skin. Carmen is trained in many different modalities and is extremely knowledgeable in her field. I can not wait to receive a massage from her, since I got a hint of what they are like in her back facial treatment. I was so relaxed during that treatment that I felt my body floating above the table! She is specially trained in a particular type of spiritual EUROPEEAN massage (I can't remember what it's called) that is specifically for women. I think that is what I might try next, though I will definitely continue with the microcurrent treatments. The microcurrent treatments are wonderful and after my first treatment I felt as though all of my facial muscles had a work out and were completely relaxed. I am convinced that those treatments can give you the type of results depicted in the before and after photos on the myontology website. Please take my advise and go see Carmen, she's terrific!

Price (paid by reviewer) $90

  Skin Care Provider Review: Elena

  Treatment : Facial/Salon

  Benefits: I tolerate Dermalogica products well.

  Drawbacks: Aveda products are expensive, so investing in all the products at once was not possible.

I am in my late 40's, so my skin has become thinner, and I have prominant laugh lines around my eyes. Since I am peri-menopausal, I rarely have blemishes anymore (thankfully) but my skin is still somewhat oily in the "T-zone".

The facial I received at CNT was professionally done. Carmen opened pores using steam. She cleansed, exfoliated, and hydrated my skin during the facial. The facial, neck, arm and hand massage was excellent. Carmen took her time during the facial and as a result, not only was I completely relaxed, my skin looked amazing.She did also, complementary my eye brow

I have not used Aveda skin products in the past, and because of the expense, was unable to afford all of the products initially. However, I invest in products as I have extra income, and have been pleased with the results after the samplers that Carmen gave me. In using the products, I have noticed that enlarged pores have been diminished, my skin looks smoother and many of the fine lines around my eyes have been diminished.

I would like to have the extra disposable income to schedule facials on a regular basis, because I believe they are really effective in maintaining the quality of my skin while using the products recommended.


Good skin care is essential at all ages.

Price (paid by reviewer) $80.00

  Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 Thank you Carmen! - iakarizona - Apr 9, 2009

I had suffered for many years with a facial skin affliction that not even 3 dermatologists could find a solution for. A friend who also had skin problems recommended that I try Carmen. I had resigned to the fact that nothing was going to work for me. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I set an appointment. Carmen is very personable and professional and made me feel comfortable about my situation. Her initial consultation was very informative. After an intensive inspection of my skin through a process she calls "skin mapping", she informed me of what she thought needed to be done. She proceeded to do a procedure called a "galvanic facial". I have to tell you that I was totally amazed at the results! My skin looked 100% better almost instantly! Carmen explained that she had tailored a "product" that addressed my skins needs specifically. She even gave me a cup of what she had prepared to take home and explained how to use it. I cant thank you enough Carmen for fixing what I had come to believe was unfixable. Youre the best!!

Price (paid by reviewer)

200 for the package of 4 treatments

  Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 Marina Miller - Dmoroneso - Apr 16, 2009

Excellent treatment Carmen does non-invasive anti-aging procedures. Very skilled, pleasant, competitive pricing Details I am 50 and starting to see facial wrinkles, and other signs of aging. I was interested in doing something to look younger for an important family photo. I'm not ready for any invasive surgery. I am a physician, and asked around for a recommondation. I wasn't interested in someone with an "MD" who did these procedures occasionally. I wanted someone who was very skilled, and did this as their fulltime passion. Every face is unique, and there are so many "tricks" of the trade that one can only learn through LOTS of experience. I was referred to Carmen at the time she still was a student at Kohler Academy in Scottsdale,a nice romanian aesthetician with some years experience down in Europe,who start now to work in Gainey Ranch at Elysian Salon. It is a small, quiet little office. I can't speak about anyone else who works there (they may or may not be good...I definitely suggest you only see Carmen), she is fabulous! I never got the impression she was trying to "sell me something"...I never felt like she was trying to convince me to do something in order for her to get income. I felt like she was giving me a very knowledgeable, sensible opinion. You can tell she knows a lot from extensive experience, and doing this day in and day out, for many years. I am finish with the session on 6 microderm treatments, highly recommended for noninvasive facial procedures,I will go back in about a month to start my photofacials. Thank you Carmen, you are extremely skilled and pleasant.

Price : 400 for 6 microderm treatments

  Brazilian wax, over with - Lnblueyes - Aug 17, 2009

  I've been having the full brazilian for years, but moved to the Scottsdale area from Texas recently and had to find a new waxer. Let me tell you, having a good take-it-all-off Brazilian wax requires a waxer with talent, experience, and the right kind of wax. A good waxer will make you feel like you're there for the most ordinary event in the world, that it is no big deal at all to be spreading warm/hot wax on your undercarriage with a popsicle stick and waiting 30 seconds for the wax to harden to then tear the hair out. The waxer I go to now is terrific - she's from Romania, for real, and absolutely adores her job. You'd have to love it to do it well, really. If I would have tho money for laser hair removal, I would do it, Carmen have great deals now. Don't go for a wax with a hangover or PMS. Leave your inhibitions at the door. And if you're worried about looking like a little girl, or that it will look weird somehow, get over it. It grows back in a couple of weeks. Lyn

  excellent facial service - augustin_alina - Aug 15, 2009

  I did find Carmen reading an add on craigslist regarding "dermalogica facial". I didn't know anything about her and her services also I didn't know anything about dermalogica. Lately my face look like never before, break outs, lack of elasticity, little brown spots everywhere. I did like Carmen for the first min I meet her.I felt like I know her since forever and we are the best friends. She answer all my questions very professionally, you can tell she have a lot of experience and she love her job. The facial was great, I guess she did more that she has to be done for for $25. She analyse my skin after she clean it, she use an exfoliant, she did a massage and finished with a tint moisturizer that I love.Also she gave me a little cup with some scrub that I can use to clean my face at home. She deserve to be called skin care specialist. I will go back for waxing, the special that she have is...great for my pocket. Thank you Carmen. By the way, I love your web site.

  Playboy bikini wax - msmanae - Aug 17, 2009

  So first of all, let me explain that with a Playboy bikini wax, they wax the entire pubic region. It's not like a Brazilian bikini wax where they leave a "landing strip," or a little hair on the pubis. With a Playboy bikini wax, they wax EVERYTHING. Most people think the Playboy bikini wax would be extremely painful, but it really wasn't that bad (that is, until she pulled out the tweezers to clean up the straggling hairs... that definitely hurt but it was at least quick). I teared up a bit but was generally fine. The most painful part of my full leg and bikini waxing experience was when she did my ankles, my shins, and the backs of my knees. Ouch! Carmen warned me that those areas usually hurt, so I was able to brace myself and tolerate it. But geez, you would think of everything I had waxed that day that the lower legs would be the least of my worries. One note: I have a relatively high pain threshold, but people, if you don't think waxing hurts, believe it. You need to be ready for it. Psych yourself up for the pain, or you'll end up either in tears or freaking out on your waxer. Carmenr said that she has been called every name in the book by clients who aren't mentally prepared to go through the pain of waxing (and the clean-up tweezing afterward). Advice!!!!!!!!! if is not absolutely necessary, don't do it. 

Happy with my laser hair removal - kittyconcrete - Aug 15, 2009

  I chose to go and see Carmen first of all because of her service price, than because she KNOW so much about skin and also because she never try to sell me anything, she give you an professional advice but she do not cross the line. I paid up front $600 for 4 sittings for full legs.The best spend money ever. So far I have had 2 sessions and the difference in my leg hair is remarkable. I only shave once every 10 days or so now. I have dark hair and pale skin, as they say that is the best combination for success. I can still see pretty clearly my hair follicle/pores, whatever they are and I am wondering if, in time, that will diminish as well as they die off. I am trying to exfoliate my legs more often in the shower so that the hair can shed more easily. I have found the discomfort especially on the bonier parts of my legs, like my lower calf around the ankles and knees. My only complaint so far has been that the front desk girl is always in a bad mood. They are lucky having Carmen there, her presence is changing the salon atmosphere.

laser hair removal for less - reli56ro - Aug 19, 2009

  I hope my review will help, Carmen did a great job. Her honesty surprise me at the beginning.She promise 85% hair gone and 85% it is. I had 4 treatments of my full legs and my legs are still as smooth as can be. I am Italian decent with light olive skin tone and the hair on my legs was very dark, coarse and thick. I had to shave everyday and I would have embarrassing knees felt like sandpaper. Now, I shave about once a month. I may have a dozen hairs here and there. It really worked well for me. I did 3 treatments on my underarms. Still have a little hair there. I did 3 treatments in the bikini area. It worked on top, but not so well on the darker skin on the inside of my legs. In fact the skin seems darker now from the laser. I still have 1 treatment for my bikini and under arms area. 

  Body wax completed - iulianbalanica - Aug 15, 2009

  I am professional personal trainer and I use to wax my body. I always look for the great deals. You know, if the price is low, it doesn't have to be a "low service " too. For now, the best deal that I find in Scottsdale is CNT skin care. When I first called Carmen, didn't answer and I thought...forget it, I am looking for somebody else, but...she called me back. First impression when I got in front of the Salon was...o my good, this place is empty, just 2 restaurants around. I walk in, not so sure I made the best decision but I was so welcome by Nancy at the front desk that I decided to stay. Carmen was not a min late, very professional, clean, smart, funny, with her accent, made my day. She wax my body like nobody did before, clean the skin, wax, clean the skin again, gave me the instructions for what NOT to do in the next 48h, charge me only $150 and made me think that I should STOP looking for another aesthetician.

  Excellent man - woman waxing service - valeriet0256 - Aug 23, 2009

  We did read one day on Carmen's web site about her waxing special.It her's and you get him's for free. So...we booked an app. Wonderful, my boyfriend was freaking out, he never had waxing before. Professionally smiling, Carmen invite us in her room and talk to us like...we know each other since forever. Anyway, she start with his back wax and he was so excited and happy with the way it looks that he ask Carmen to wax his bikini and underarms too. I had done also playboy brazilian, legs and underarms . Excellent job, not so painful, the redness was gone till in the evening, no bumps, no break outs and ...we payed just 120$ for both of us. Thank you Carmen, your waxing service is great.We come back next month. 

  Excellent skin and hair service - OutdoorBoat - Aug 15, 2009

  I am so happy today that I had to share my experience with everyone throw this review. Today are 15 years since I got married so I want to make my man of my life a surprise. I did book an app with Carmen a week ago for a facial and waxing. Surprise surprise, after we talk about my BIG DAY, she gave me an big discount. So, I ended to have the excellent waxing service ,a wonderful facial an AMAZING MAKE UP and my hair done by Savy, the master hair dresser in the same salon. I did payed for $150 for a service that would cost me least $300 in another place. Carmen dear, you are a great girl with a big heart and excellent work ethics.Don't worry about this economy, professional people like you will be always successful. Thank you 

  MAN WAXING... - listentoyy2 - Aug 28, 2009

  GUYS, CARMEN IS JUST....INCREDIBLE I am looking since some while for somebody to wax me, brazilian. You just can not find an aesthetician to do that. One evening , having a drink with my friends, one of them mention about having brazilian done in Scottsdale.I was ON IT.I did look for the web site, waxing service and I called. Carmen was busy that day but I got to see her a week after. You can imagine how nervous I was but after I saw her and start to talk I was so relaxed and with no worries. It doesn't hurt so bad as I thought.We talked the whole time and I don't even know when she finished. Fantastic job, is so clean and NO SHAVING ANYMORE After, it was sore for few hours but, NO RED BUMPS, NO REDNESS, it was perfect. Thank you Carmen, it was the best waxing experience I ever had

  Facial and waxing- my birthday - nodog640 - Today

                                              Yesterday, my birthday , I saw an ad on treatment for who ever have birthday today.

I called the nr and I talk to Carmen, booking a facial treatment.

Great place, very friendly front desk,the consultation with Carmen was short, talking to her, I decided to wax my bikini too
She start the facial and after few min I just fall asleep.It was amazing , my skin feels so much better, my dark circle are almost gone. She gave me the best facial treatment ,the waxing part was easy, 2 strips and done.
Are 2 days already and I still feel her hands doing the massage.
Thanks Carmen, it was a nice birthday present.

Ingrown hair? Dont have it anymore :) - corina - Aug 12, 2009

  I would like to start by recommending Carmen's laser hair removal to everybody that has ingrown hair and is willing to pay little money for unbelievable results. I've been fighting this problem since I was a kid and the doctors I've seen told me that I have to scrub and scrub and one gave me a gel but it didn't work obviously. One of the doctors mentioned the laser procedure but I was like "no way, that's way to expensive" and all that till I met Carmen and saw the good deals she has and believe me IT'S WORTH EVERY PENNY! Two weeks after I had the first session I could already see the results..not in the first week though. First week it's weird.. it's like all the hair grows at once but after you shave it like 2 times.. it'll look GREAT! I can't wait to see how it'll look when I'll be done because it already looks awesome! I cant believe I can finally wear skirts and shorts :) Thank you Carmen!!! 

  WAXING WAXIN WAXING - yousing_2 - Aug 21, 2009

  Hello everybody, my waxing service yesterday was....A PLEASURE. I am John and I had a great waxing experience that I want to share with you. I did book last week an app with Carmen just because a friend of mine recommended her.After the consultation, she Did NOT wax me.My hair was not long enough. I was surprise of her professional advice, other skin care professional would charged me. Anyway, I don't know is somebody is looking forward for waxing but I did. She did a great job, we laugh, talk ad joke, and I completely forgot about the pain.NO HAIR LEFT. SHE DIDN'T ACCEPT TIP, can you believe it? I thank you so much Carmen, It was my best waxing experience.

  waxed all over - lvstr36 - Sep 2, 2009

  Except my head hair, everything is waxed. Professional, business guy, I decided to wax my body. I did ask my friends where they go and they told me about Carmen. Its true, she is terrific. Very clean, knowledgeable, smart, funny, with attention to details. She waxed every part of my body, EVERY, without hesitation. The time flue so fast. I am very very happy with the result. I am so glad I meet you Carmen, thanks for your help. Levi 

wax on wax off - waxonwaxoff - Aug 28, 2009

  I always had hard time to find a MAN WAXER in the area. Most aesthetician are not doing full brazilian for man. I am professional stripper and I wax all the time, my waxer moved to California and....I did find Carmen, being recommended by a friend of mine. Clean, professional, friendly, she did a great job. No problems after waxing, I could work in the same evening. I want to thank you Carmen and recommend her service . After we talk, I am convince that the laser service worth it and I will do it next. 

a happy WAXED man - coutbu211 - Aug 31, 2009

  Excellent waxing service, clean, fast, painless, professional. I want to thank you Carmen for " the most enjoyable " waxing service ever. I didn't trust Carmen from the beginning and I can say I was little unfriendly with her. I have to apologize for that, she didn't deserved it . I can recommend CARMEN for her waxing service ( specially man). Nobody will be disappointed

  laser hair removal - CONTAGIOUS
  Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By nevada21710 - Sep 9, 2009

  Carmen is just your fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I started with just bikini and underarms for laser hair removal treatments. With only two thirds of those treatments completed I signed up for an entire legs laser hair removal treatment package. I thought about doing these procedures for years. Now I am so glad that I finally did it! It was the best decision ever!

  I have Lupus disease 
  Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By florencefoe - Sep 30, 2009

  I meet Carmen about 3 month ago, making a donation to the Lupus Ass and I decided to book an appt for a facial and eye brow wax with her. She had no clue that I have Lupus but after a long consultation, she Analise my skin and she just told me that my skin look "thin" and she can not do a peel procedure as I wanted and also she can not wax my eyebrows. I was surprise, none of the aesthetician I was before told me that. I did had a facial for my sensitive skin, the best facial ever and she twize my eye brows perfectly. She is one of not to many aesthetician that you can trust. I highly recommend her service to everyone .

  body laser END
  Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By postnumerilcalboy - Oct 31, 2009

  Today was a sad day for me, I finished my 5 treatments laser hair removal with Carmen. Honest....I did not had hair grow since my second treatment but it was a pleasure to go to see Carmen every 6 weeks. Fantastic aesthetician, precious person, professional attitude. Excellent result, I can tell...95%hair gone .Unfortunately I don't have anything left to laser to go back. Best laser hair removal service. Thank you CARMEN

Best price for MALE laser hair...
  Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By rodneys1971 - Oct 31, 2009

  My brazilian laser hair removal was a big success. Carmen is wonderful. I was nervous about the service but also I was seek and tired to shave and have those ingrown infected all the time. NO SHAVING ANYMORE. The price was excellent, best price for laser hair removal . Carmen....I loved your service, your knowledge, your smile, your accent, your professional presence. I am glad I chose you for my service. Good luck. I am happy for your new Queen Creek location.

Fantastic facial treatment, excelent waxing
  Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By valeria_ndr - Oct 30, 2009

  Being in my early 50, I do consider having a facial treatment every month. I use to go to a high scale salon before I here about Carmen, a cute, funny, smart, clean and very knowledgeable european aesthetician.Is not only aesthetician is a "friend". I did receive an excelent waxing service and a wonderful facial. You can not even compare with the facials I had before. Carmen is doing that "face mapping", a detailed consultation and she customize the treatment. I am very very pleased with the waxing service to. The best medical aesthetic person I ever meet. Also her price is unmeetable.

Laser back ......after........waxing back
  Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By stillpoint33 - Oct 30, 2009

  I go to Carmen since few month now, I did love my back wax by her. After so long ,I decided to have laser hair removal on my back and beck of my neck. Oh boy, the laser treatment was not even 20% painful as the waxing was. Carmen is expert, she did 2 treatments on me and honest, I don't have to go back, my hair is not growing at all. I will go back just to see her, wonderful "laserchick", always smiling and in a good mood. I do insist if anybody want to have a laser hair removal treatment done, SHE IS THE ONE

Trip from California for my laser service
  Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By littlebluetoy - Oct 30, 2009

  Waxing, waxing, waxing, I was seek of it. I am a very picky person when comes to beauty service. I was refered to Carmen from a cousin who live in AZ. He just finished the 5 treatments hair removal with Carmen and I was amazed about the result. I live in California and I decided to drive to AZ TO HAVE THE BODY LASER SERVICE done.Is 50% cheaper. Excellent service, fantastic aesthetician, clean, smart, professional, funny, ....... to bad she live so fahr. I was over happy with the service and I am excited to go back in 6 weeks.

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